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A well-maintained battery gives you peace of mind, whether you're out on the road or when the weather turns cold. If your battery keeps running down, starting slowly or the temperature is impacting how well your car starts, you may have a problem. Take your car, truck or SUV to AAMCO Columbus for a starting and charging system diagnosis and our free Multi-Point Check. It takes an expert to diagnose the starting and charging systems in your vehicle.

Our technicians will inspect the battery connections, the hardware, the condition of the case, the electrolyte level (where applicable) and the battery load (its ability to perform its function). At AAMCO Columbus, our technician inspects the alternator belts, brackets and connections and also tests voltage and current. Finally, the starter is inspected for proper connections and mounting and is tested to see how much electrical power is required to turn over the engine when the engine is cranked.
Based on this expert inspection, we can recommend the service that's right for you and replace only the needed components.

Unlike other components in your car or truck, the battery does not give warning signs when it is near failure. A battery aged three or more years is a good candidate for replacement. Please refer to your owner's manual for factory recommended maintenance intervals for your specific vehicle.